Subject: The Last Lecture Of Randy Pausch
Date: 2007-11-4

Dear all:

Greetings from Shanghai!

Today I saw a video of "The Last Lecture Of Randy Pausch" and
I think it is very touching and inspiring; thus I like to share it with all my friends.

You must take a look at this video. You can search the net for 
"The Last Lecture Of Randy Pausch", or find from any one of the following links:

[Randy's home page at CMU]

[videos on Sina]

A text transcript in parallel Chinese is at:

[transcript pdf]

(However it missed the part of his Dutch teacher's tribute to him, which I think is
a great speech by itself!)

In addition to all the goodies he presented, there are two minor insinuations I have noticed:

1. He is very patriotic to CMU (I think patriotic to a particular school is not good).
2. Even facing death, he refuses to believe in superstitions like religion.

I think he is a great guy. I admire and I am very envious of what he has accomplished!

You must take a look at this video!

Best regards,